Online registration is now closed.

4-way Formation Skydiving (FS): Sun., Oct. 11
8-way FS: Tue., Oct. 13
Vertical Formation Skydiving: Wed., Oct. 14
Artistic Events: Thu., Oct. 15
16-way FS: Thu, Oct. 15
10-way FS: Fri., Oct. 16
Canopy Formation 4-way Sequential: Sat., Oct. 17
Canopy Formation Rotation: Sun., Oct. 18
Canopy Formation 2-way Sequential: Tue., Oct. 20
Style and Accuracy: Sun., Oct. 18
Canopy Piloting: Tue., Oct. 20
Canopy Formation 8-way: Wed., Oct. 21
Canopy Formation ProAm (TEST EVENT): Thu., Oct. 22

Registration Fees:

Cost to register per person for one event: *

Formation Skydiving (4, 8, 10, 16-way): $120
Canopy Formation (2-way sequential, 4-way sequential, 4-way rotation, 8-way speed, CF ProAm): $150
Freefall Style, Accuracy Landing: $170
Artistic Events (freestyle, freeflying): $170
Canopy Piloting: $170
Vertical Formation Skydiving: $170
* Video flyers also pay the registration and jump costs. Alternates pay only registration costs.

Cost to register per person for additional events:

Second additional event: $40
Third or more additional events: $30 each

Fee Examples: Let's say you're only doing 4-way. You'll pay $120 registration fee plus 10 jumps at $19 each = $310. If you add, say, freefly, you'll pay another $40 registration for that event plus 10 jumps at $20 each = $550 (including both 4-way and freefly).

All jump fees listed are per person, per skydive.

Jump Fees
Accuracy Landing
3,000 feet
Freefall Style
7,300 feet
Team/ Sport Accuracy
3,500 feet
4-Way Formation Skydiving
10,500 feet
10-way Formation Skydiving
11,000 feet
Freefly, Freestyle,
8-way & 16-way Formation Skydiving
13,000 feet
Canopy Formation
9,000 feet
Canopy Piloting
5,000 feet
Vertical Formation Skydiving
13,000 feet