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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Texas State Record boogie, day 5

OK, who do we have to pay off to get some good weather?!? Today's a bit less windy, but we have low clouds. There are lots of sunbeams coming through them so I'm a little more hopeful for today, but time's tight for the TSR team. The plan was for them to be released at 3:30 pm so everyone can get home. So far out of 22 planned attempts, they've done four practice dives (smaller groups) and three 160-ways. Cross your fingers, toes, and anything else you've got that they can get another jump or few in before they have to leave us.

On another note... we're working on last night's photos. There was SO much fun to be had here last night (isn't that always the way when the beer light goes on before 4 pm?). Stay tuned for that, and if you were out at the foam pit late last night, send me your pics. :-)

Update (9:20 am): This morning's 160-way ground activity is taking volunteers to lay out part of the proposed 500-way for 2011 on the tarmac and measure it, just for fun. It appears we have a discrepancy... when measuring from the center, one half of the formation has a 65-foot 6-inch radius, while the opposite side has a 66-foot radius. I think we need to move some of the tall people over to the other side so it's PERFECT. :-p

Preparing to measure the formationTom Jenkins measures the second radius of the formation

Tom Jenkins measures the second radius of the formation.

You guessed it, it's still windy and cloudy. We've got some more sun peeking through, but it's not yet enough. Roger Ponce said earlier that at least we got more jumps in than the California State Record attempts in January (we heard they got only a single 160-way off the ground).

Update (11:15 am): Still windy, still cloudy although there are sucker holes everywhere. But if you're bored, check out the photos from last night. :-)

Update (1 pm): We've got more sun, at least as much wind, and lots of really bored big-way skydivers. We're still hanging out and hoping we can manage just one more 160-way today. Somehow.

I think we've exhausted pretty much all the usual things skydivers do when we're bored, and the helicopter had to go home so no more cool rides and tricks. Cast your vote... what should we do next? (Please keep it non-destructive to people and property just in case we do get to jump later, and want to come back here sometime.) :-)

Update (2:15 pm): That's all she wrote, at least for the 160-way. They have been released to scatter home. Partial refunds are being issued as we speak, and Bill Legard is getting ready to drive the Aerodyne tour bus back to California. He's offering free rides for gear back to Perris Valley, at least for Aerodyne customers; non-Aerodyne gear can catch a ride in exchange for a $10 donation to Jump for the Cause.

It's rotten to see so many skydivers spend this much time on the ground, but the good news is that the jumps they did make were really fantastic (you saw the videos, right?). BJ said yesterday that this was the best start to a big-way event he's ever seen, and I'd imagine all those good performances didn't go unnoticed. A whole lot of the participants are likely just a little closer to a future World Team slot, if they want it.

There will probably be a few diehards hanging around hoping for a sunset wind drop and a load or two, but in the meantime... Thanks to all those who came out to Spaceland this weekend and patiently waited for good weather. We really enjoyed meeting everyone, and we hope you had a great time. And we also hope you come back soon to try for a few more good Texas skydives!



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