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Friday, October 9, 2009

Nationals, T minus 3 days (Friday, 10/9)

9:15 am: Good morning from Skydive Spaceland! We're currently on a cloud hold and hoping we'll get some practice loads in today before the forecasted weather moves in. All together now, let's do a sun dance... nope, sounds like they're going to pull the planes in before that red and yellow mess on the radar gets here.

In the meantime, we'll keep working on setups and getting the incoming staff up to speed. Look for a post on the CamScore system later today, along with more photos!

Speaking of scoring, while we won't be using Omniskore this year, I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to them for providing their services for so many competitions up to this point. Whether following the meet from home or checking scores on my phone from the competition, they've always been a great resource (especially the Timbits+Tedbits :-). We'll do our best to live up to that standard of reporting!

12 pm: Yep, it's raining and cool now... temp's bumped down to the mid-60s and it's still breezy, so bring some long sleeves if you're heading out today.

Competitors: Have you heard that everyone has to register online this year? You can do it before you get here or stand in line for a registration terminal once you get here... it's probably easier for both of us if you do it before you arrive! Visit Skydive Spaceland's Nationals registration system to get started. As of right now, we have 308 jumpers registered and 62 teams (including all events). It's shaping up to be a good time out here!

2:30 pm: Yup, still raining. There's some discussion on Facebook about sacrificing virgin sheep to appease the gods and make it stop raining, but apparently virtual sheep don't cut it. We'll have to try something else...

Rotten radar

In the meantime, how about some photos of the people who are making it happen around here?

Eric Boyd

Eric Boyd, Skydive Spaceland manager

Scott Smith

Scott Smith, meet director

Dan Cook

Dan Cook, Nationals manifestor extraordinaire

Erin Horten

Erin Horton, registration queen

Ali Macdonald

Ali Macdonald, Skydive Spaceland manifest/team room coordinator

Robin Kalina

Robin Kalina, Skydive Spaceland manifest/judge coordinator


Tyler Smith--thanks for the nice gravel walkways, they'll come in handy after this rain!


Mark--thanks for the sod around the team rooms, it got a nice watering today...

Tina Hyder in store

Tina Hyder, volunteer coordinator and pro shop ruler


(Speaking of the shop, they have lots of extra weights for sale if you need any! Price: $6/pound)

3:10 pm: So it's not raining at the moment, but it's pretty dark and gloomy... For the moment, I'll leave you with this thought:

Is it beer:30 yet?

4:15 pm: OK, who was in charge of the sacrifices to the weather gods? It's raining buckets right now. Let's take a minute to look at some of our more entertaining team names so far... what's your favorite?



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