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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Texas State Record event, Day 2

Good morning everyone! It's currently about 10:20 a.m. Central time, and the first 160-way attempt has been done and debriefed. The consensus among the captains is that overall it was a really nice dive for the first try. The aircraft formation was pretty close, the skydive was quiet, and three of the seven sectors were complete in the formation. Nobody was cut, and the next attempt will take off at about 11:15. While we're waiting, here are diagrams of the two planned points:
Texas State Record Point 1 First point
Texas State Record Point 2 Second point
Some of you might have noticed that the outer edges of the first point are fairly open, with less structural integrity than a loop-type formation. Organizer Tom Jenkins explains that this open wacker-type formation is useful because many outer jumpers can still build even if someone ahead of them is low or late to the party. Also, the open radials between wacker groups give jumpers who are late a path to get to their slot even if people who are normally behind them have already docked.

Update (11:25 am): After a brief wind hold, the big-way is now on a 40-minute call. Yahoo!

Update (11:50 am): Back on a wind hold. Darnit!

Update (2:50 pm): Still on a wind hold, but that doesn't mean there's nothing going on. There's been some more big-way dirt diving, some napping, the Knights have done a few training jumps, and packer Will has been kiteboarding. Check it out:

Theme of the day--wind!
Will kiteboarding
Will kiteboarding
Laying it down
Everyone down but Tom giving directions :-)
Complete formation laid out on the tarmac

Update (4:45 pm): Hey, we just got a 35-minute call for the 160-way! Stay tuned...

Update (5:30 pm): And they're off! We should see a nice skydive from the ground here shortly.

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